The leader in smartphone-based insurance telematics


Movelo was founded in 2011 based on research from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) to meet the demands by the Swedish insurers to understand insurance telematics. Initially, Movelo provided business and process development tools. The first Movelo smartphone-based solution was launched on the Swedish market under the brand SafeDrive by the insurer If P&C, early 2013. The launch of If SafeDrive was a milestone in smartphone-based insurance telematics and driver monitoring. If SafeDrive was the first product on the market that used the smartphone as an advanced measuring probe. The same year, the Movelo's international expansion begun, in a first phase targeting the European market.

Since the start, we have developed and continuously improved and perfected the Movelo Real-time Usage-Based Insurance (RUBI) software suit. RUBI gathers and processes driving data from the smartphone sensors, it provides live feedback to the user and outputs driving behavior data to the backend servers, data that should be a key variable in any driver-risk assessment method.


Rewarding safe drivers

The Movelo RUBI system identifies safe drivers, how would you like to reward them?


Making drivers safer

The Movelo RUBI system provides live feedback, pinpoints driving style weak points, and points to easy ways to drive safer. Combined with gamification and other incentives, this is powerful motivation for drivers to change their behaviour. How safe can you drive?


Together towards smarter movement

Everybody will benefit from safer roads. We know that by working together, we can change the way we look at road traffic. How can you benifit?

Ready-to-go app


The Movelo RUBI app ready to use and customizable to your needs. Ready with the Movelo user interface and using our world-leading technology. The Movelo RUBI app comes complete with the following features, aside from all those inherent in the Movelo RUBI System. Features can be also be added or switched off to fit customer needs. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Live visual feedback

The Movelo RUBI app is implemented with the extended dashboard-philosophy. The app is designed to be a help to the driver while driving, ideally mounted in the windshield, providing instant warnings when the user is driving recklessly

Audio and/or haptic feedback

The Movelo experience can be augmented using audio and/or haptic feedback. This allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road while continuously improving their driving style.

Background analysis

The app is designed to be running in the background during a drive, giving the user the option to record their trips with their screens turned off.


The app is readily available with autostart and autostop fully implemented, making sure all trips are recorded without any action required by the user.

Drive log

The app includes a drive log where the user can see all their trips and get personalized feedback on their driving.

Analyze a driver


We have identified the driving behaviours that are the most relevant for road safety. Using cutting-edge signal processing techniques, and harnessing the full potential of the smartphone, we calculate how well a driver performs regarding those behaviours


Matching the driver's location to the road network, we can detect if the user exceeds the speed limit, and by how much. Speeding is a known risk factor, and as such, it provides valuable input when analyzing road safety.


We calculate how fast a driver is turning, compared to current speed. Taking corners at high speed increases the risk of loosing grip on the road, and gives the driver less time to react to the obstacles after the turn.

Acceleration and braking

Harsh acceleration and braking often a sign of an aggressive driving style, which in turn leads to accidents.


A measure of how even the speed profile of the driver is, a driver changing speed often and drastically is generally an impatient driver, which has a negative impact on traffic safety.


A measure of short but aggressive side manoevers, such as changeing lanes quickly.

Road score

Apart from the driving style, Information about on what type of roads the driver uses is relevant to risk. We know that accidents are more common on certain roads.

Time score

At certain times of the day, the risks of driving is higher.

The Movelo RUBI Library


The Movelo RUBI system is also available in a completely behind-the-scenes version where the customer implements their own application. This allows the Movelo RUBI system to be integrated with any features the customer wishes, or be integrated in an already existing application. The library is implemented to make it friction-free for a customer to take advantage of all the functionality, and the system is launched with a simple user registration, after which the full power of the Movelo technology is accessible - no hazzle with activating sensors etc. is required.